Saturday, August 7, 2010

Iron Maiden - The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg

We had this video b4 I dont care :) its soooo damn good!!!!!!

Theeee day of Sonisphere is here!!
It begun quite good, no rain and all was great!
People came...and the festival area was shortly very full.
Around 50.000 dudes and dudettes.

I was placed at backstage stair to stage1, Apollo stage.
That started up with Warrior Soul.
Then at Stage 2 Nicke Anderssons band Imperial State Electric
followed right after.
Anthrax took the Apollo stage after that, with a huge bang!
Hammerfall on Stage 2 (Saturn)I heard it was really good,
wanted to see em but i missed it as I was sorta stuck at my place.
But I had fun with other work m8s and the crew from Maiden,
they been here a lot of times and I got to know some of em.

In the middle of Alice Cooper they rain started, it was like
heaven just open up and it rain and rain and rain..
all of the spotlights except one fucked up.
Paul wasent to happy about it.

Then when Maiden went on stage the rain stopped.
The Maiden Stage Manager, Paul is a great guy.
Maidens Productions Manager, Bill calls Paul "mean and lonely"
but he eint, he is the best!!!

Here is a pic with Bill
(I took one of Paul as well but somehow it sorta fucked up :/ )

The main act was the best, even if Slayer rocked the pants of all,
and Alice was great and and and...Iron Maiden ROCKED THEM ALL OUT!!
They played my favorite song, today's tune.
I got goose bumps.

3 songs b4 the end of the show Maidens cars rolled up and they went directly
into em, Bruce was bare footed brrr coold.

Sonisphere was over for this year and are headed to Finland and then Bergen, Norway and we (security) went out and took away the barriers in front of the stage.

I tell u...its was water and water and mudd....yack!
the place looked pretty much like this after.


Love, Thetania

Just wanted to let u know who brought the rain yesterday haha

Iron Maiden - Rainmaker:

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