Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hot Chip - Over And Over

Tonight is the 2:nd show day at the Popaganda festival and todays headliner is Hot Chip.

Hot Chip are an English electropop band that formed in 2000, though members Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard had previously worked together and had been at Elliott School in Putney, London since 1991. The current line up was completed when occasional collaborators Owen Clarke, Felix Martin and later Al Doyle joined the band full time in 2003. In addition, Dillon Farrell was a key part of the bands rhythm section, playing the electric marimba on their debut album. Hot Chips big break came with the album "The Warning" in 2006 and their cool, but swinging discopop existed in every hipsters ipod.

They have released four studio albums "Coming on Strong - 2004", "The Warning - 2006", "Made in the Dark - 2008" and "One Life Stand - 2010".

Todays tune "Over and Over" was the first single from Hot Chip's second album The Warning. It was released twice in the UK in 2006 - first reaching number 32 in March and number 27 in October.

Hot Chip performs "Over and Over" live on Fearless Music HD

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