Friday, August 6, 2010

Alice Cooper - Poison

Hey all, Stones and me have been a bit busy..sorry about this delay!!!

Okey this is the 5th day of Building Sonisphere.
Stones came home about 02:00 and I was also caught up in another job :)
Ah well, last day before all the trucks with the band stuff arrive.

A lot of fixing, dont have many pics but I give u some.
More come later :)

Stage #1 done,

The Apollo stage.

Okey Alice did a marvelous gig with his 62 years,
Maidens singer Bruce came up during
the poring rain with a black plastic bag as a rain suit looked soo cool,
didnt recognize him at first but when he lifted his head with his
bright eyes and his lovely smile I saw who it was :)
He and Steve was standing on the side and looked on Alice.

Alice had 3 guys (one woman) who did all kinda shit on stage all dressed up in various costumes with blood , dirt and all thingies
that rock and roll are made of.
I was impressed by that woman, she changed clothes and hair
faster than the meets the eye haha.

Lady and Gents, Mr Alice Cooper

Peace, Thetania

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