Friday, April 30, 2010

The Sounds - Song With A Mission

Last night The sounds preformed at Debaser Medis in Stockholm.
It was a very crowded Debaser, perspiration is word that would fit.
The audience were fantastic, they knew every word and jumped like
mad when she started to sing.

I was one of the security guards in the "pit"
and picture me...being very tall,
trying to make myself shorter
and yet have an overview over the crowd...
And then in a sitting position the singer
Maja parted her legs behind me
didnt see it at first...looked at the left and i saw a knee..
Ehhhmm moved a of the photo shooters took a nice pic of it :)
(forgot to ask for it)
Couple of songs later, there I were and suddenly she wrapped her t-shirt
over my head. Gaaahh.
After I went up with her in the elevator to the dressing rooms,
she apologized for the hoax but she couldnt resist. :D
Its all show :)

The Sounds started up in 1999 in Helsingborg, Sweden.
Came out with their debut album in 2002
"Living in America" with the follow up, "Dying to Say This to You"
on March, 2006. Their third album, "Crossing the Rubicon"
was released on June 2009.

The members are:
Maja Ivarsson on vocals
Felix Rodriguez on guitar
Jesper Anderberg on keyboards, piano, guitar
Johan Bengtsson on bass
Fredrik Nilsson on drums

From the beginning *they were classmates.
*Felix Rodriguez, Maja Ivarsson, Johan Bengtsson
and Fredrik Nilsson.

Enjoy m8s

Love, Thetania

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2 kommentarer:

Anonymous said...

Det var en intressant afton. Riktigt kul att hon gick bärsärkargång på dig...hehe Hoppas du får tag i bilden...den måste du fan dela med dig.

Thetania said...

Ja det var jue det, jag ville
inte vara ivägen men...
ja..hon använde det väl :)