Friday, April 23, 2010

Paul McCartney & Wings - Live And Let Die

Time for nostalgic trippies :D

A guy I listened to a lot when I sneaked in to my brothers room
was Paul McCartney and his Wings, specially one album named "Ram"

Did u guys know he is a "Sir" :D

Paul have done 18 solo studio albums and 8 live ones.
Productive man.

As the Beatles were breaking up in 1970,
McCartney was working on his debut solo album, "McCartney"
Backing vocals were provided by his wife, Linda,
whom he had married the previous year.
Then 1971 the album "Ram" came out.

The Wings changed a lot throughout the years but their
were 3 stable members: Paul, his wife Linda and Denny Laine.
They did 7 albums.

Think they stoped playing 1981, sad but yah..Paul is still rockin.
Anyway lets enjoy this tunes...

Peace, Thetania

And here is another one from the album "Ram"
Called Monkberry Moon Delight.
With just the sound.

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