Friday, April 2, 2010

Opeth - The Lotus Eater

Swedish Opeth - one of the most acclaimed bands in the metal genre in the last 20 years - will celebrate its 20th anniversary in spring 2010 with six exclusive concerts "Evolution XX: An Opeth Anthology" worldwide, Stockholm, Essen, Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles. Opeth did their premiere gig at Circus here in Stockholm on Tuesday.

Each event will be in two sets. In the first set, they will play their breakthrough album Blackwater Park in its entirety. The second set will contain the mixed material from the band's entire catalog. They will play over two hours (Stockholm almost 3 hrs) of carefully selected venues to bring an intimate, exclusive, "you would have been there" - summons. Check the set list, you can see it below (Stockholm gig).

In addition to the gig at the beautiful Djurgården, Stockholm will Opeth play on the famous and prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London and at the luxurious Lichtburg in Essen, which is the oldest theater in Germany.

It was a very nice day at the Circus, everything floated on and things got into place as it should do. Though it did go, of course, not without pain, sound technician who would have been here and on the tour was injured during a accident the day before the gig and broke a few ribs, nothing serious, enough to not be able to implement the gig, so a stand in technician had to jump in to do the gig and he did a pretty good job, a new technician is booked for the other gigs. (Heard something about that it should be Slipknot's sound engineer). Although the proposed microphones that would have been used for gigs got feet's and find themselves a new owner (stolen) but it got resolved in the end.

Opeth had also released an exclusive VIP tickets that fans could buy that included a Meet & Greet with the band that include taking photos, chat, autograph-writing, soundcheck and a goodie bag with various Opeth stuff, but the bag was missing, as it should have been used to keep the contents in, obviously some mishap with the mailing from the merch firm , but the fans would get it sent home. A funny thing was that the fans who had purchased this fine fine ticket was mainly outside Sweden, countries such as Norway, Finland, Denmark, England, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and others and this says it's a lot of greatness abroad. There were a dude from Norway that had a marvelous collection of odd Opeth stuff, like the first demo, test pressed 7-inch and test pressed records, probably worth a fortune. So in the end, the fans was happy.

It was a magical night at Circus with lots of treasures out of Opeth's catalogue. The entire 3 hours of delightful music. And i was also lucky to be able to take a some photo's during this evening and you can watch the result here.

In addition to Opeth there were a lot of nice guys in Crew, including their Guitar Tech "Milly Evans", who also works as a Tech for Paradise Lost, and who also was the stand in on parts of the last Paradise Lost tour when Greg Mackintosh quickly and merrily had to dropp off because his father had fallen ill critically. Milly also plays in Terrorvision. In addition to Milly there was another guy called "Ludwig Witt" who was the drum technicians for Opeth, also from a variety of nice bands including Firebird and Spiritual Beggars.

Enough of this, now it's time to select the tune of the day and the melody is supposed to be related to this evening of course. I personally came in quite late for Opeth's music and is more into their most recent works, so I choose a song from the second act taken from thier latest record Watershed, Enjoy this!

Opeth - The Lotus Eater - Live 2009 USA tour

Opeth - The Lotus Eater - Youtube, Just the tune.

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Excellent! Det var en fantastisk kväll, och jag ser att du har fått med några riktigt jäkla bra bilder. Sjysst!

Bra låt också. Förstås.
Svårt att hitta annat med det här bandet... :)

Stones said...

Man tackar, om man får chansen att fota så tar man den ju givetvis :)

Ja det är en grym låt, en av de absolut starkaste spåren på skivan som iofs håller mycket högklass rakt igenom.