Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Plan Three - Still Broken

Plan Three is a Swedish band we did when they playd as support band to
Three Doors Down (Ahem that was a bit embarrising, The singer of
Three Doors Down Brad Arnold, was very drunk and nearly fell
down at the stairs when going off stage) at Arenan, Fryshuset
last year or was it the year b4 that uhm ah well.

Very well singed and well played band.
One of the players is a Famous radio guy at
the rock station "Bandit" in Sweden.
Peter Kjellin He is the bass player and sings.
The others are as follow
Jacob Lovén sings
Tommie Hammar on the guitar
Mathias Garneij also guitar
Andreas Henrikkson on drums
David Clewett on keyboard and sings as well

They started up in 1999 - 2000.

Worth to listen to, I liked em.

This is the singel from their album Screaming Our Sins that came 2009

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