Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lisa Nilsson - Säg Det Igen

Lisa Nilsson (born August 13, 1970, in Tyresö) is a Swedish singer. She was discovered by the legendary producer William (Billy) Butt and she is perhaps best known in Sweden for her 1992 hit, Himlen runt hörnet, witten by Mauro Scocco and Johan Ekelund. It was released in English in 1995, titled Ticket to Heaven. She has released four subsequent albums, Till Morelia in 1995, Viva in 2000, Små rum in 2002 and Hotel Vermont 609 in 2006, all in Swedish.

Nilsson's style ranges from out and out pop music to soul-inflected ballads and dance tracks on her earlier albums to a more mature jazz feel in her more recent work, perhaps reflecting familial connections as her father Gösta Nilsson is a jazz pianist.

She did a performance at Berns a couple of months ago and she got some taste for standing on the stage again so she put together a little tour and yeaterday she did a show at Circus here in Stockholm, she looked to be really happy to stand on stage again doing her finest songs, a great evening indeed.

Here is a nice cozy clip from a show at Duc des lombards, Paris, 2008. Lyrics by Lisa Nilsson, melody by Lisa Nilsson & Henrik Janson. With Niels Lan Doky, piano, Pierre Boussaguet, double bass, and Albert "Tootie" Heath, drums. The song is released on Lisa Nilsson's album "Små rum" (2001).

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