Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Krokus - Hoodoo Woman

Second day at home with a sick little one, today the music has been traveled between older styles of Rock, Neil Young, Sword to Wolfmother and ended up with a nice found on Spotify...Krokus is back...hola. Connected the computer to the Stereo, so i was able to listen to it for real.. sounded great, also the little one did get loose on the 3:rd song, a cover track "Born To Be Wild" when she was lying in the sofa watching her father playing air guitar, but after that she falled into sleep...poor her. Need to listen to it more to be able to get a review, but the first round sounded cool, it's the classic Krokus rock.

Krokus is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Switzerland and was founded in Solothurn in 1974 by bassist (and original lead vocalist) Chris von Rohr and guitarist Tommy Kiefer. Former Eazy Money vocalist Marc Storace joined the band as frontman in time for their Metal Rendez-vous album in 1980. The music style is a typical mid-80's hardrock with simple, radio-friendly riffs and chanted choruses as many hardrock bands from that time had as a recipe for making music and writing lyrics.

The band name "Krokus" evolved from the word for a flower common to the region of southern Europe, the crocus. Early in the spring of 1975, band founder Chris von Rohr observed a field of these flowers while traveling by train. He was returning from L'Ecole des Chefs located in France after an aborted career in the culinary arts, and it was around this time the idea for a Metal band was formed. The band members stated that it was the perfect name, since it features "Rock" right in the middle.

According to music website Blabbermouth.net, they have sold over 13 million albums worldwide. For 30 years now, Krokus has been Switzerland's most successful rock export. No other band sells albums from its back catalogue like Krokus. Krokus has spent two years creating a fiery new album (Hoodoo Woman - 2010) that todays tune is taken from Enjoy!

This is what their peers had to say:

Lemmy (Motörhead):
"Krokus toured with us in the US in 1982 and I found them to be a fine young lot of loonies full of vim and foolishness! I know the reunion works well for them and good luck with the new album"

Alice Cooper, Everybody knows, KROKUS rules. Rock on, boys!"(574 KB, MP3 File)

Ozzy Osbourne: "Unkraut vergeht nicht. Welcome back, boys!"

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