Thursday, March 18, 2010

High on Fire - Frost Hammer

Guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike, bass player George Rice, and drummer Des Kensel formed High on Fire in 1998, following the collapse of Pike's previous band, doom metal titans Sleep. But while Sleep had built their fame on impossibly slothful tunes and copious weed consumption, High on Fire displays a far more aggressive though still fantasy-themed style of heavy metal. And the guys just arrived with album number five.
"Snakes For The Divine" includes everything the band have done before and now they have twist it a bit and take it up to a new level, the doom elements are more visible here than ever before, its dirtier, faster and with some Motorhead spices on top makes this record a top tenner. The producer of the album is Greg Fidelman (the man responsible for the most recent Metallica and Slayer albums) "Snakes For The Divine" is High On Fire’s finest hour this far.

Todays line up:
Matt Pike - guitars, vocals
Jeff Matz - bass
Des Kensel - drums

Today's tune "Frost Hammer" is the first single out of this masterpice. Just lay back and enjoy this rock tune.

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