Monday, March 1, 2010

Bruce Kulick - No Friend Of Mine

A new day, a new month but still the same year. This is the month were the spring feelings should arrive, but hell no, it's snowing outside :) I have been home the hole day as one of my little ones are sick. So there has been alot of time to listen to music between Bamse and Bollibompa, she loves music witch is great and it makes life so much easier.
Yesterday it was time for Kent again, they did 4 sold out shows at Annexet in Stockholm, kinda cool show indeed.
But today it wont be Kent. I found something in the big bunch of new records that i haven't listen to yet but today i got the chance to play a few of them and i pick one that i will talk about today.

I have listen to Bruce Kulick's third solo effort, titled "BK3". Okay, it's not the most of original of titles I know. But the name isn't surprising as Bruce is a laid back kind of guy. Bruce Kulick (born on December 12, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American guitarist. Previously Kulick had been a long time member of the band Kiss (1984-1996). After that he had the band Union with John Corabi (Motley Crue) who released a pair of studio albums. 2001 did Bruce went on to Grand Funk Railroad, where he still swing his guitar. Bruce has released three solo albums, Audio Dog in 2001, Transformer in 2003 ND "BK3" IN 2010. "BK3" was released on February, 2, 2010.

About his latest record, BK3:

Kulick's lyrics are well crafted and his guitar work is outstanding. This is the best solo album record to date from Bruce. It's good, solid hard rock with great songs, its catchy, well played and strong. It includes ballads, rocking tunes and instrumental vibes. It isn't likely that BK3 will get a whole lot of notice outside the army of diehard KISS fans, and that's unfortunate. Bruce vocals have come a long way from his singing debut on Kiss' "I Walk Alone", but he still have a long way to go, but somehow i do like what he do. A nice part is that Nick Simmons (Gene Simmons son) grabs the microphone and he sounds not far from his father other guest artists are Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Steve Lukather, Doug Fieger, Tobias Sammet and John Corabi. Tunes as "Ain't Gonna Die", "No Friend Of Mine" and "Between The Lines" are my favorites from BK3. But there is more great tunes, take for example the Pink Floyd inspired tune "I'll Survive" and the new single "Hand Of The King". So if you are into melodic hard rock then this album is a worthy investment.

Todays tune "No Friend Of Mine", is a emotional track where we hear Kulick and Corabi team up once again. This is from Bruce Kulick's 1st show in Australia in 2009 Dec 12 *his Birthday*

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