Thursday, March 11, 2010

Accept - Princess Of The Dawn

At last, the long-awaited moment of hundreds of thousands of Accept fans! The German legends are finally together again! The four old instrumentalist are Wolfgang Hoffmann, Peter Baltes, Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann who has joined forces with TT Quick-singer Mark Tornillo and in May will be the long-awaited comeback album "Blood of the Nation". Accept are ready to take over the world again! And in 20th of May they will come to Sweden for a small club gig at Debaser Slussen.
Tickets will be out tomorrow at 09:00.

With their brutal, simple aggressive riffs and fast tempos, Accept was one of the top metal bands of the early '80s, and a major influence on the development of thrash. The band was led by the unique vocal stylings of screeching banshee Udo Dirkschneider. The band had a truley recognizable sound and did recorded three of the best heavy metal albums of the decade in Restless and Wild, Balls to the Wall and Metal Heart.

In May 2009, a possible Accept reformation surfaced when bassist Peter Baltes revealed that he spent a weekend at his house in Pennsylvania and "shredding away" with the band's guitarist Wolf Hoffmann. "Something amazing is in the works," Baltes explained. "As soon as I can, I'll let everybody know. Let's make the 'Metal Heart' beat again." On May 14, 2009, it was announced that Udo Dirkschneider would not be participating in the rumored Accept reunion tour. Former TT Quick singer Mark Tornillo would become Dirkschneider's replacement.

In 2009, Accept decided to write and record new music for a 2010 release working with producer Andy Sneap (of Megadeth, Exodus, Testament, Arch Enemy and Onslaught fame). Titled Blood of Nations, it will be their first original album in fourteen years (since 1996's Predator). Additionally, the band has announced that they will make their live debut with Tornillo on May 8th at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City.

Todays tune is a real classic with Accept performing their classic song Princess Of The Dawn, live in Japan 1985. The tune is taken from the album "Restless And Wild" (1982)

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Restless And Wild - vilket omslag. They don't make them that good anymore... :)

Stones said...

Yeah its a classic cover!