Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name

Back to a bit cocky music, H0UH!

These guys are well know for their cocky lyrics
and also for their rapmetal music.

They hade their first public performance
in somebody's living room, Orange County,
California in 1991.
in 1992, October they hade their
first European tour begins, supporting
Suicidal Tendencies
1993 they had their first sold-out
headlining show at Roseland, New York City.

They consist of:
Zack de la Rocha on vocals, lyrics
Tom Morello on guitar
Tim Commerford on bass guitar
Brad Wilk on drums, percussion

The political awearness of the Singer
Zack de la Rocha is quite something,
He has been particularly outspoken on the cause of the EZLN:
Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)
He explained the importance of the cause to him personally:

“It is important for me, as a popular artist,
to make clear to the governments of the United States
and Mexico that despite the strategy of fear and
intimidation to foreigners, despite their weapons,
despite their immigration laws and military reserves,
they will never be able to isolate the
Zapatista communities from the people in the
United States... Through concerts, videos, interviews,
broadcasting of information at concerts, and our
songs'lyrics we have placed within reach of young people,
our audience, the experiences of the
Zapatistas; we act as facilitators of the ways
in which they can participate and put them in
contact with the organization and the Zapatista
support committees in the United States.

I choosed a tune from their debut album with
the same name as the group, from 1992.

Cheers Peeps,

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