Friday, February 5, 2010

Biffy Clyro - That Golden Rule

Bandit Rock Awards Continued...

Okey now to the final band that preformed on this great show!
Biffy Clyro, a band from Scotland.
I really liked them.

They saw the daylight in 1995 back then the
lead singer and guitarist Simon Neil was 15 only.

They created 5 studio albums, their
latest came out in late 2009, named "Only Revolutions"
The bassist james Johnston said;
"I guess a lot of it is about the revolutions
in life and revolutions in relationships
and those sort of things, just the stuff
everyone goes through at different points in their life"

The band themselves cite influences ranging from
heavy metal luminaries like Metallica to prog legends Rush,
while reviewers are often quick to link their sound to
the likes of Nirvana and
Foo Fighters — particularly in their use
of shifting dynamics which the latter
adapted from Pixies and Fugazi.

The band's sound is characterised by a heavy,
yet melodic, mixture of guitar, bass and drums,
with all three band members contributing to vocals.

The tune I choosed is "That Golden Rule" its the
second single to be taken from their latest album.

Enjoy dear friends!


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