Monday, January 25, 2010

Thåström - Om Black Jim

Thåström, is one of Sweden's best known rock musicians. He has moved between a number of genres, from punk to rock, electronic music and autobiographical singer-songwriter music. Thåström is preparing for his upcoming tour (See the dates below), did a little work the other day with his gear. Really looking forward to see him live again, he is always good live.

Todays tune "Om Black Jim" (About Black Jim) is a tune written by Thåström and was originally released on the album "Skebokvarnsvägen 209" year 2005. This tune is about the poet "Dan Andersson" who died of cyanide poisoned at Hotel Hellman in room 11 (Thåström sings that Andersson died in room 23) on the old Klarakvarteren in Stockholm year 1920. Dan Andersson did write many classic poems and did during a time work for a paper and there he used the pseudonym Black Jim.

Thåström also received 2 Grammis, for Best Album and for Best Lyricswriter.

Thåströms upcoming Tour!

28 jan Haugesund, Festiviteten, Norway
29 Jan Oslo, Sentrum Scene, Norway ***
30 Jan Trondheim, Verkstedthallen, Norway
04 Feb Göteborg, Lisebergshallen, Sweden ***
05 Feb Stockholm, Annexet, Sweden ***
06 Feb Stockholm, Annexet, Sweden ***
10 Feb Lund, Mejeriet, Sweden ***
11 Feb Köpenhamn, Stora Vega, Denmark ***
12 Feb Linköping, Sporthallen, Sweden ***
13 Feb Sundsvall, Sporthallen, Sweden ***
27-29 Maj, Hässleholm, Siestafestivalen, Sweden

*** With Johnossi (Is one of Sweden's premier rockduo, with tunes like “Man Must Dance”, “Execution Song”, “18 Karat Gold” & “Bobby” they also have a new album in the pipeline and will be released in the end of April 2010.)

More info:

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