Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Judas Priest - Love Bites

Today its time for the "Metal Gods" Judas Priest. The bands 9th studio album "Defenders of the Faith" was one of my favorites during the 80's. The album was recorded at Ibiza Sound Studios, Spain. The LP & cassette tape were released on January 4, 1984 and later appeared on CD in July. A re-mastered CD was released in May 2001. Three tracks were released as singles, "Freewheel Burning", "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll" and "Love Bites".

"Rising from darkness where Hell hath no mercy and the screams for vengeance echo on forever. Only those who keep the faith shall escape the wrath of the Metallian... Master of all metal."

An interesting little-known fact: "Freewheel Burning" was originally released as a single in 1983 shortly before the "Defenders Of The Faith" album release. The 12" maxi-single features a dual-guitar intro to the song that didn't make the final album-cut. Unfortunately, Priest missed the opportunity to include this rare intro on The Re-Masters version of the album.

Todays tune is Love Bites, Enjoy!

Judas Priest- Love Bites

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