Saturday, January 16, 2010

John Mayer - Who Says

Here is a guy I didnt really met b4, saw him on a talk show that came from norway.
Pretty selfconfident, intelligent guy with a lot of humour in.

John Clayton Mayer born in 1977 is an
American musician from Connecticut.

His music vary alot, between blues, rock, pop and soul.

Mayer's career pursuits have extended to stand-up comedy, design,
and writing; he has written pieces for magazines,
most notably for Esquire.
He is also involved in philanthropic activities
through his "Back to You" fund and his concern over global warming.
In this talk show Obamas counceller in climat questions also came,
and one could see Mayers intrest in it.

At the 49th Annual Grammy Awards in 2007 Mayer won
Best Pop Vocal Album for Continuum and Best Male
Pop Vocal Performance for "Waiting on the World to Change".

He is an avid collector of watches and owns timepieces
worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Mayer also has an extensive collection of sneakers,
estimated at more than 200 pairs
Thats something. :)

I´ve choosen a song thats more singsongwriter tune.

Enjoy Dudes and Dudettes,


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