Sunday, January 3, 2010

Candlebox - Stand

Candlebox is a band i recently heard for the first time,
and i have to say I was asonished!!!

Candlebox is a post-grunge band from Seattle, Washington. Formed in November 1991, the band originally went by the name Uncle Duke; they later changed their name purportedly as a tribute to the Midnight Oil song "Tin Legs and Tin Mines" which contained the line "boxed in like candles".

The band concist of:
Kevin Martin - vocals, guitar
Peter Klett - guitar
Scott Mercado - drums
Adam Kury - bass
Sean Hennesey - rhythm guitar

They did 5 albums and some compilation
and live albums, but this is the ordinary one´s:
Candlebox 1993
Lucy 1995
Happy Pills 1998
Into the Sun 2008
This following tune is from the lastest album.

Cheers, Thetania

I found one not that good video, below you get a nicer sound :)

Candlebox - Stand (Portland)

***Aarön*** | MySpace Video

This is only the sound..

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