Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hide The Knives - Holy Banner

Hide The Knives is a Swedish rockband with members from both Gothenburg and Chicago. The band was created in early 2007 in Gothenburg. They released thier debut "Savior For Sale" in the februari 2009. The single and todays tune "Holy Banner" during the spring of 2009 the single was one of the most played tunes on the radio station "Bandit". Tonight they will enter the stage as one of the 5 bands that will play at the Bandit Most Wanted at Debaser Medis in Stockholm.

Members are:
Ola Lindström - Drums, Magnus Persson - Bass, Glen Gilbert - Vocals, Martin Johansen - Guitars.

Hide The Knives "holy banner" music video. Directed by Johan Axelsson. Shot in the dungeons of Lillhagen mental institution outside Gothenburg, Sweden, January 2009.

More info @ Hide The Knives Website or at Hide The Knives at MySpace

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