Monday, December 7, 2009

Engel - Casket Closing

Okey, 2 days with soft music time for something more hard.....
That I really like!!!


Engel is an melodic death metal band with alternative
influences from Gothenburg, Sweden

This band will soon come to Sweden and some gigs,
for example on Bandit Most Wanted at Debaser in Stockholm
on the 10th of December.
Go and see them if possible!!

Here is a picture on their new bass player
Our friend Steve Drennan.

My favorites IN FLAMES frontman Anders Fridén helped his
old friend Niclas (both played together in PASSENGER)
record demos and assisted in the production of the CD
at Dug-Out Studios in Uppsala with Daniel Bergstrand
producer of IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH).
This is very clear if u listen to them,
they are both of the above bands in one :)

Niclas Engelin is a heavy metal guitarist.
Engelin was the lead guitarist for Gardenian,
and has been a touring member of In Flames on three
different occasions. In 1997–1998, he took the
place of Glenn Ljungström for live performances.
He quit because In Flames Drummer,
Bjorn Gelotte wanted to have Niclas position
which caused him to leave & form Engel.

In late 2006 Niclas rejoined In Flames briefly to
temporarily replace Jesper Strömblad,
and again in 2009 for the South American, Australian,
and Japanese part of their tour.
He is currently touring with In Flames on the
Taste of Chaos tour 2009
But not in Stockholm Im afraid :/

The Taste of Chaos will visit Stockholm on the 11th of December

Enjoy my friends!


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