Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coldplay - Violet Hill

Coldplay are an English alternative rock band formed in 1998. The group comprises Chris Martin (lead vocals, keyboards, guitar), Jonny Buckland (lead guitar), Guy Berryman (bass guitar), and Will Champion (drums, backing vocals, other instruments).

Coldplay is a band that have been growing bigger and bigger for every year, last year Coldplay played at the Globe in Stockholm, yesterday they came back for a bigger show at the Stadion. The guys have now more material that suits arena shows, the stage is bigger, more lights and other effects, even if Chris had a little ongoing cold that could trouble up his voice. The gig was amazing, Chris runned around as a sugarrushed 5 year old kid, the lighting show was marvelous and the band delivered thier hits. The pompous atmosphere breaks down with a acoustic set on a little stage with harmonica and a Billie Jean tune from Michael Jackson.
The show ends up with huge fireworks and Coldplay thanks for this time and tells that they will be giving away a live CD when the show is over, the CD entitled LeftRightLeftRightLeft. The album is also available as a free download from their website. The nine tracks were recorded at various shows during the tour.

Todays tune "Violet Hill" is the first anti-war protest song from the band, and it borrows its rhythm from British band The Beatles. "Violet Hill" derives its title from a street of the same name near Abbey Road.

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