Monday, August 31, 2009

Calle Real - Ábreme la puerta

This band is a salsa, timba sorta music, so its not my kind
but it was kinda groovy tunes that they had.

Calle Real its prenouced Caje´Reall.
Saturday night they visited Tyrol in Stockholm
infront of a very much dancinfg crowd.

They are very famous in France, usually they play
for a crowd of 30.000 peeps. Now thats something!

Calle Real is a Timba band from Sweden founded in 1999. Calle Real is now twelve guys who play modern timba with distinctive pop influences. Its well arranged and tightly played music for the club scene. Theres a definite heavy groove with a sound that differs from the masses.

Several of them have spent long periods in Cuba and have studied music, although no one in the band is actually Cuban except Rickard Valdés, who is the son of the legendary pianist Bebo Valdés and who is half Cuban. There are a variety of ethnic origins within the band, including Patricio Sobrado who has his origins in Chile and the trumpet player, Jacek Onuskiewicz and the trombone player, Cezary Tomaszewski originate in Poland, but all of them grew up in Sweden.

Ladys and Gents, may I present to U, CALLE REAL.


Cheerio, Thetania

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